Have Just begin the journey and there are miles to go before I sleep. Although,I am enjoying the journey.

I am UI/Java developer based in Bangalore, India having 1+ years of experience and exploring different opportunities.

A developer with a business mind, who wants to experience different technologies before settling to one. As an individual, I always wanted to see me growing.My interests are dynamic in nature and if you ask me about my present interests, it is hitting Gym or playing badminton.I love to do things differently and in my own ways.


The only way to hone your skills is to experience it.

Amadeus Software Labs UI developer 2015-present
Amadeus is into Travels's domain and its largest business is from GDS(Global Distribution System) of Air, Hotel,Rail etc.In Amadeus, I was part of developing new features and enhancing the Hotel's UI flow for Travel Agent Reservation application.As part of Amadeus I have re factored the whole Hotel Booking UI code with several other enhancements and still continuing.
Innovaccer India Pvt. Ltd Full stack developer-Trainee Jan 2014-June 2014
It is one of the emerging startups and deals into Data mining,analyzing and visualizing mainly for education and research institutes. At Innovaccer I was mainly responsible for Data mining using various techniques.I extracted various datasets for news,Stocks and other financial data.Here I also got to work with FaceBook and Google API's.
Major Projects handled :- Query Book, DataShop with few others
Thapar University B.E-Computer Eng. May 2010-June 2014
Thapar is one of the reputed colleges of India for Bachelors of Engineering.I did my Graduation in Computer Engineering from Thapar.
Major Projects handled :- legpin with few other college projects


Wisdom is knowing what to do, Skill is knowing how to do it and Virtue is doing it

      This Project is written from scratch using javascript,Bootstrap and will soon be available on github


      Identity of the man is from what he has accompolished and I am trying to create that identity

      Query Book
      New York Stock Exhange(NYSE) daily generates dumps of data.Under the project,I have to use these dumps and collect required useful information for a client who is a researcher in this field.In NYSE dumps, every variation of price of each NYSE listed stock is recorded in a binary flat file.My task is to filter those records according to inputs given by the user from the UI and display it in a user friendly format.Main challenge in this project was to achieve the results in almost real time,so I used multi threading and various algorithms techniques to achieve real time results.
      Combining Traveler and Payment pages
      This project is about refactoring the whole legacy code for Traveler details page and payment details page of the hotel reservation application to reduce the overall time taken by travel agent to reduce the booking.New combined page is made using client templating system instead of jsp's to improve performance and debugging convenience.With the project usability is also enhanced for the combined page to a great extent.
      Legpin - an online forum
      legpin was an online forum where users can read,post articles from different articles.It was based on a concept that posts which got good ratings by users will be posted on the homepage and the user will get points for that.For points user can buy anything from the legpin shop.Whole project was based on phpbb forum and Joomla.Google and Facebook API's were used to connect the app for social networking.
      Edit rates in comparison of Hotels
      As I work for Hotel reservation application used by customers in Amadeus.This project is about enhancing the Hotels comparison feature before sending it to Travel agents.The main requirements of this project were editing rates,include/exclude rates before sending it to customer via print or email.With this project a lot of usability enhancements were taken care of.
      Registration page for Aggregators
      As I work for Hotel reservation application used by Travel agents in Amadeus.This project is about supporting multiple registration credentials(corporation specific) to get corporation specific rates.To support multiple credentials whole UI screen is changed with the view that there going to be Admin tool in future and registration feature will be part of Admin tool.
      DataShop is a online product for all the data related needs.It will be more clear by an example,suppose if someone needs Indian patent data he/she can choose that dataset, filter among different variables among date,filler etc. and can get the results instantly.As part of Datashop I was part of crawling and extracting datasets.I used python and its libraries for this purpose.
      Experienced at:- Innovaccer India Pvt. Ltd

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